E4500 Hot Air Cordless Tool

The E4500 gas powered hot air portable heat tool  is suitable for shrinking heat shrink products of all kinds, also for soft soldering, plastic deformation and defrosting (of locks).  Ideal for working in cramped spaces.

E4500 Hot Air Tool

Gas Powered Hot Air Tool E4500

Gas Cartridge P445
Gas Cartridge P445

The cordless light weight E4500 hot air gun is ideal for working in cramped spaces or where there is no power supply.  The Starter Kit includes a E4500 Hot Air Tool with protective spring, gas cartridge P445, Reflector Nozzle Z and a Flat Nozzle Z3. 

The Hot Air Tool is suitable for shrinking all types of heat shrink products including tubing, shapes and cable repair sleeve. 

It can also be used for the bending and shaping of PVC pipes, soft soldering of copper pipes, drying, defrosting (of locks), heating and paint stripping.

Main Features:

  • Cordless gas heating gun, with heat protection spring
  • Includes a gas cartridge and two different sized nozzles
  • Allows precise working in any position, even upside down
  • Can be operated on its stand for hands free use
  • Valve regulated temperature setting
  • Piezo ignition
  • Gas cartridge type P445, 100ml/60g 
  • P445 cartridge has a new 3-component gas mixture providing a higher pressure
  • Weight of tool is 760g
  • Operating time of cartridge is approximately 1-5 hours


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