Cable Repair Sleeve - RMS

RMS are heat shrinkable wrap-around sleeves used in cable repair and splicing applications.
The wrap around sleeves are a fast, labour saving and permanent cable repair and sealing system. The sleeve is simply wrapped around the cable and held in place using a rail and channel closure. RMS is especially useful for repair of long and buried cables where it would be difficult or impossible to use a shrink tubing. Heating by a torch will shrink the sleeve and melt the adhesive inner coating resulting in a moisture-proof, insulating and tight-fitting repair.

The sleeve provides excellent corrosion protection,abrasion and weather resistance making it also ideal for LV cable joint outer protection.
The high shrink ratio limits the number of sizes to only 6. Each size covers a range of cable sizes.

RMS is available in various standard lengths. Other lengths available on factory request.

Cable Repair Sleeve - RMS

RMS wrap-around sleeves for rapid and secure cable repair on site.

Cable Repair Sleeve - RMS + Set

RMS kit contains: Repair sleeve, steel closure, abrasive strip, cleaning sachet and instruction sheet.

Features & Benefits:
Fast, moisture proof and permanent repair of cable jackets
• Only 6 sizes for a wide range of cable diameters: from 15 mm up to 160 mm
• Available in 4 standard lengths and also available in custom lengths.
• Each RMS kit is ready for use and comes with instruction sheet, abrasive strip and cleaning sachet.
• Weather resistant and halogen free
• TCP (thermo chromatic paint) spots indicate the sleeve has been sufficiently heated
Application Method:           
RMS sleeves are wrapped around the cable and closed with a steel channel. The inside of the sleeve is adhesive lined and will effectively seal the cable after shrinkage. RMS sleeves provide fast, watertight and reliable insulation.
To select the right sleeve size, see Application range table. Choose sleeve length so that cable next to damaged area is covered by at least 40 mm of sleeve length.

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