Accessories with RFID transponder RFID HEXTAG

HEXTAG – High Frequency (HF) , Article number: 151-01582


  • Can be fitted using a chosen fixing element through the centre hole
  • Flexible, contactless data communication
  • Clear identification of objects through unique numbering
  • Faster data management compared to paper solution
  • More accurate documentation processes – prevention of human errors
  • Robust and resistant to harsh environments and cleaning processes
  • High frequency (HF – 13.56 MHz)
  • Rewritable
  • Yellow colour for easy visual detection

Certifications & Approvals


The HEXTAG made from PA66 is equipped with a transponder of HF frequency. The central hole allows a simple mounting in applications where a RFID cable tie solution is not suitable. All HellermannTyton RFID products can be used for securing, serialisation, tracking and identification of products in the areas of resource management, electrical inspection, inventory, distribution and rental services as well as for easy management of maintenance and repair routines.

HEXTAG – High Frequency (HF) is suitable for following markets and industries

Application Tool RFID-HS9BT-HF, RFID-DT22-HF
Colour Yellow (YE)
Features and Benefits Data relating to an item is stored on a RFID tag attached to an item, in this case a cable tie. Similar to a bar code the tag is a data carrier, it carries data programmed into a small computer chip and operates at a wide range of frequencies
Fixation Method None
Pack Content 100pcs.
Package Quantity per bag
Product Family HEXTAG – High Frequency (HF)
Product Group Accessories with RFID transponder
Tie Closure plastic pawl
Variant Inside Serrated
Frequency 13.56 MHz (HF)
Height (H) 8.00mm
Length (L) 33.35mm
Length (L2) 38.39mm
ELV compliant (Article 4 - 2) YES
Flammability UL 94 V2
Halogenfree Yes
Hazardous goods No
Idle Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Material Polyamide 6.6 (PA66)
Material PA66
Operating Temperature - °C -40 °C to +85 °C
Specifications Article 41 of Directive 2014/34/EU, EN 60079-0:2012, EN 60079-11:2012
EAN / GTIN 4031026556246
Packaging 1 - Height (m) 0.065m
Packaging 1 - Length (m) 0.22m
Packaging 1 - Qty 100
Packaging 1 - Type bag
Packaging 1 - Volume (m³) 0.002
Packaging 1 - Weight (kg) 0.9346kg
Packaging 1 - Width (m) 0.14m
Packaging 3 - Height (m) 0.27m
Packaging 3 - Length (m) 0.6m
Packaging 3 - Qty 1000
Packaging 3 - Type box
Packaging 3 - Volume (m³) 0.0648
Packaging 3 - Weight (kg) 12.646kg
Packaging 3 - Width (m) 0.4m
Weight 0.9346kg

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